Campaign 1914 Campaign 1914 Campaign 1914 Campaign 1914

Campaign 1914

This outstanding and long awaiting work is a the first in a 5 volume series of books, bringing to the public in depth photographs and information of the British Soldier’s uniform and equipment of The Great War.

Over 200 pages of hi resolutions images in this first volume alone are supported by accurate data by the experienced collector and historian Chris Pollendine. The author has used his own collection and gathered artefacts from other of the worlds leading collectors to produce this mouth watering pictorial encyclopaedia of headdress, tunics, webbing, footwear and ephemera.

The hardback presentation mirrors our Feldzug series and compliments it very well. The anniversary of the First World War will no doubt fill our media spectrum with a fruitful array of books, films and television programmes but this valuable manuscript with enlighten the historian and collecting world to the finer details of garments and other now collectible memorabilia that the men who fought wore and used during the tragic years of 1914-18.

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