Ausrüstung Ausrüstung Ausrüstung Ausrüstung


Field Equipment of the German Forces in WWII by Roly Pickering.

The title 'Ausrüstung' being the German translation for 'Equipment' is an in-depth guide in to exotic field equipment of the German forces in World War II. The work includes Belts & Buckles, Y Straps, Ammunition pouches, bandoliers, essential personal equipment, Gas Masks, Bayonet Frogs, Holsters, Pioneer equipment, Paratrooper, NCO and Officer equipment, medical equipment and much, much more. Each volume is over 220 pages, bound in hardback format.

The book follows the design of previous Military Mode presentations, packed with large high resolution photographs of items from within a selection of the world's top collections including the author's himself. In association with the two leading museums of WWII equipment in the world, the book contains some items never seen or published until now. Limited to only 1000 copies, 450 pages.

98.99 GBP